About Zone Pool
This is the single most powerful tool to improve anyone's pool game.

Here is just a fraction of what this product has to offer:
- Many games and drills
- Portable and adjusts to any size table
- Top quality materials to last longer
- Advances your game to the next level
- Fun for the entire family ages 8 - 108
- Easy to handicap
- Increases cue ball control
- Standard playing card corners

ZONE POOL is a special deck of poker size playing cards. This deck comes with the standard values and suits of an ordinary deck of playing cards in the corners. ZONE POOL is special because the image in the center of each card lays the groundwork for endless fun on any pool table.

A brief overview of how ZONE POOL works. All the cards except for the aces have a diagram of a pool table with a pocket and a 4 square zone indicated. The diamonds and side pockets are used to define the squares that make up the zones. A ball is placed in front of the indicated pocket and the player must pocket the ball and make the cue ball stop in the indicated zone. The aces add an element of luck to the game by allowing the player lucky enough to get an ace, the ability to reposition the cue ball anywhere he/she wants.

ZONE POOL (The Book)
- Over 20 illustrations
- More detailed descriptions of the rules
- Instructional section
- 5 drills to make practicing more fun
- Workouts for every level of player

ZONE POOL (The Book) provides more detailed descriptions of how to use the ZONE POOL deck. Complete with rules for 3 games, 5 drills, 10 workouts and even an instructional section to help the novice player obtain a better grasp of pool techniques.

ZONE POOL (The Book) is comb bound on 5.5" by 8.5", making it portable and able to lay flat on a table while you try the diagrammed techniques.

Each set includes a ZONE POOL deck and book. Purchacing as a set is the best value at only $19.95. However, decks can be purchased separately for only $9.95

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